Monday, January 23, 2017

How do I get more customers?

This actually works with any Home based business!  
by Karen Meyer - Avon Gold Ambassador - Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler

1) Your first job is to make a list of 50 people and input as many names into your WEBOFFICE address book as possible.  Those names need phone numbers and email addresses - at the very least.  Avon will send them regular emails with a link to your site with sales, free shipping and free products with order.    The more information you put, the more professional your invoice will look when you clip it to their bag on delivery day.

2) You have to talk to LIVE people and look them in the eye.  Deliver books by hand - not frisbee to driveways.  Please listen to your Unit Leader on this very carefully, as it impacts your ability to connect with customers.  When you hand people the book - you must get their phone number and you must actually call them - they will forget to call you.

3.  a) Identify your customer and compliment her on her hair, jewelry, clothes or bag - whichever you honestly love.
     b)  After she identifies your compliment, and smiles, ask her, "Did you  know that Avon does jewelry, clothes or bag/shoes (whichever you complimented)?
     c)  Ask if "Would you allow me to give you a free sample and new catalog?"
     d)  Tell her you would love to give her free samples of anything that interests her.  You then ask for her email and/or phone number, "In the event that you have any questions about the products, I would love the opportunity to follow up with you."
      e)  Your goal here is not to get the order, but to connect.  If she does ask when the order is due tell her:  "I need the orders by _______(two days before you submit the order).
      f)   Follow up - the fortune is in the follow up.
      g)  Let her know when the delivery day is - thank her for her order and ask
her what samples she would like to see in her bag.

3) Use Karen's Customer Calendar - (I'll upload a fresh one for February here later)

  • Every day when you get off work do what the calendar says:
  • 3 books every day - hand out and get 3 phone numbers
  • Order is due on Sundays - that means on Tuesday nights you are calling customers and letting them know you will call them Friday for an order. 
  •  That way you can go over it and get it in the system on Saturday.  They get paid on Friday so ask them what card they want to use.

4)  Saturdays - baseline and Rural - abandoned shopping center but has great street traffic on baseline side put out a table with books samples - with a poster that says FREE AVON (samples) and a poster that says FREE AVON RAFFLE
gather names and phone numbers with entry forms.

If you don't have a tent and table, you can borrow mine.
Make a nice display -

5) Find where they play soccer on Saturdays - put up a table.

6)  Put up a table in your front yard with signs -

7)  advertise it on East Valley Craigs List and also on FB East Valley
Put your signs up on Saturday morning - not Friday night or vandals might get them.

8)  Are you sending out FB social media every morning?  That is just icing - you have to do mostly calling people.  I send a lot of texts with pictures of sale items.

9)  Everytime you go to a restaurant bring your waitress a book and free lipstick sample with your card - get her number.

10)  Go to a Strip Mall and go door to door and introduce yourself to the receptionist and ask if she has an avon lady - do your dance.
The nice thing about a Strip Mall is - it's easy to deliver on delivery day - not a lot of driving.

11)  Go to the mall with 10 of your books stamped and samples stapled to lots of pages.  Find 10 people who do their eye make up really well and compliment them.

  1. Tell them you are always looking for people who are talented to join your team.
  2. Make sure you look really sharp.  
  3. Then tell them that we have a new Mascara coming out and you are looking for testers.  Get their number and name and give them a book. You can do this one of two ways
  4.  You will give them a new mascara in exchange for their old one.  It helps if you have them with you.  
  5. Tell them your facebook page is on the back and would they please give a review of your mascara on your facebook page.  You'll be calling them for more deals - 

Or - you will call them and give them the introductory price plus 20% off for leaving you a review of our Newest one just coming out in Campaign 4

12)  Go visit the local Rehab or elder home and ask if they have an Avon Lady - whoever you are asking, make sure you are giving her a free item while you are talking to her.   Tell her she could get free Avon products if she took orders for you.

I love National Director Lisa Monoson - she has great tried and true ideas!
Watch Lisa Monoson's - why don't I have more Customers Video

13)  Are you taking the classes in Avon University?  The more you know, the more you sell.  

Have a party or an open house - I loved doing that at Christmas time.  I will come and bring perfume samples, and jewelry and you just invite people and serve cookies and juice or water.
Get on my Calendar!

Let me know how these work for you - but the most important part is you must give your customers great customer service and reasons to shop with you and not someone else.  If you forget to call them, they forget to order.  Love your customers and they will leave great reviews for you.

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