Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Campaign results for Campaign #3

Just wanted you to see a new technique to help you get sales.  Mystery Envelopes!  I got the idea from Lisa Monoson - they were fun to make.  If you would like to come over and make some - call me!

#1 Top Sales
for Meyers Makeup Mavens

Mary Sanford 

Mary took some time off like I did and had an operation.  I was hoping she was doing alright but dang.....I don't think I need to worry about her any more!
She did all that in 2 weeks - 40% discount - that's come ching ching in your pocket Mary!  You deserve it!  Also, I can't see her stats for her District, I'll have to see how she stacks up - last year I think she was #2 and #1 several times!

Top Non President's Club Reps so far
for 2017
Relda Quinn - with CTD  $789.00

Relda Quinn  took #6 in Arizona 
- which is a great feat.  Relda recently moved and consistently goes out and meets her neighbors and gives them the super duper customer care treatment.  She taught me a few things - and now, I decorate my bags and put some extra goodies in them.

Diamond Caddy  #3 in Arizona with a first order of 163.00
for Top New Representatives

Congratulations to all!
Good luck this week on #4 - 
I need a team order of 4,000 or more, so give it your best - please.  I want to remain your leader!

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