Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to win an AVON BLING PIN from me!

Wearing the Avon Brand
When you wear branded material, whether it is a T shirt with Avon Rhinestones, or an Avon PIN, or even car wrapping with the Avon name, showing you are an Avon Representative.  You get NOTICED!

Sometimes I will forget I am wearing it, and people will ask me for a book, samples or say they want to buy products.

How do I win an AVON Bling Pin from Karen?

Do 1000.00 in your 6 months of business.

How could I do that?

If you place 50.00 orders or less you won't make it, because you need 13 campaigns to make this in and just 13 * 50 would be only 650.00

First I need to remember why I decided to show the Avon Products.

You had a goal in mind.  You wanted to buy a car, pay off credit cards, go on a vacation.  It was something special.  

So I need to remember my goal and try harder?

Exactly.  Here are some ideas of how to generate sales.
  •  Remember to ask for the order.  
  • Remember to get their phone number and follow up.  64% of sales lost are because you forgot to call them back.  
  • Send people to your website.  
  • Promise a free gift when they place a 50.00 order.
  • Make notes of what your people like then put that in your phone so you can search for a list of people when that item goes on sale.  For instance, 
  • first:  Susie
  • last:  Jones
  • (blank)     ANEW

  • (MOBILE) 555 1212
  • (EMAIL)

  • Now in the search field you can find a list of people when ANEW is on sale.
  • Make flyers to distribute where women gather - bulletin boards, etc.,
  • have a neighborhood party - tell them they will get a free gift for browsing.
  • Help a team or school raise money.
  • Help someone who is sick raise money.

  • take a gift basket to a doctor's office with a lot of medical assistants and do a raffle for a spa basket (little things for a pedicure).  Give them order forms and tell them that is their ticket and that you need 10 orders to pull the ticket for a raffle.  Promise the person who takes it to everyone a free mascara value 10.00 for helping you gather the orders.

Point being, think of your goal and do  not give up asking until you have reached your goal.
Watch this video

You can earn this pin just by having 100.00 or more orders for 13 campaigns  but there is so much more in store for you as an Avon Rep so for Heaven's sake, don't stop asking or limit yourself (see quote sticker above)  for orders at 100 - find out how many orders you need to make your goal.  If you say, "Today I need 4 more orders to achieve my goal", then all of your actions will be goal oriented.
I win things all the time, but it's like the lottery.  If you don't play you won't win.
I signed up for RepFest and won my 300.00 in hotel fees.

Just do the things I do and you will become a success.  I will do the things my mentors say, and we will become a success together!  Remember, people who shoot down your dreams are those who said they sold it and it didn't work.  They also decided to reinvent the wheel and didn't do what their mentor said to do.  They couldn't be a success so they will try to keep you from it.

<----------------See it?

Now look who won it!

Casey Kuny

Kaylee Mott

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