Wednesday, July 6, 2016


 Do you have your tickets for Repfest?  It only costs $30.00 on the Bus to get there and $30.00 to come back.  Sign up now on your website.  See you at the MGM GRAND!!!

New Reps - Let's get you going!  Your first 4 orders when they are 100.00 or more (that is just 5 - 20.00 orders) will land you 40% off of the Avon Core Items.
What are Avon Core Items? 

Those are the items we make in our laboratories. 

What are the other items? 

You get 20% off items like handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc., 

Why does it have to be paid in full?

All prizes are predicated on whether you and I pay our bills.

Why does the order have to be on time?

We submit our orders every two weeks.  On that day, when you place an order before midnight, if you placed your first of 4 consecutive orders within one month of joining, we both win!

What if it has been longer than one month?

Well then you win more than I do!  But that is ok - you will shortly see how great you can do with this Company as an Independent Rep.

Do I make 40% on the core Items if all the sales are from my website?

When your customers buy from your website, instead of you, you have nothing to do but kick back and receive the commission from Avon into your Avon account.  That being said, we have to give USPS and UPS a piece of the pie to get it from the distribution center and mail it to your customer's front door.   So you get a flat 25% on all items from your website.  The 40% kicks in ONLY on the orders you take by hand, collect the money, receive the items from Avon, and deliver them to the customer.  Easy peasy!

you can do this!  To sign up to be on my team or to be on my team AGAIN and let me show you how you should do this properly, go here:  KAREN'S SIGN UP PAGE

as you stand proud of your accomplishments, take a glance of what Earnings % you WOULD have been in, had you stretched and hit your next HOT point!

1575.00+ - Earnings 50%
*Let's all shoot for this!!*
When you reach 65,000 per year, the David O McConnell Club, every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 50% discount for the entire year

925-1574.00 - Earnings 45%
When you reach Rose Circle 35,000 in one campaign yearly cycle - every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 45% discount for an ENTIRE year.

440 - 924.99 - Earnings 40%
President's Club winners get 40% all year long once they get to 10,000 in sales in a calendar year.
Karen S Meyer, 817.00 Scottsdale, AZ (I DON'T COUNT!)


Mary Sanford, N Phoenix, AZ
Will receive AVON products for the the rest of the year at 40% and the whole following year regardless of her sales size.

295.00 - 439.99 - Earnings 35%

150.00 - 294.99 - Earnings 30% 
Shelley Pulve Warren, Maryland - 284.00
Maria Lozano, Ventura, CA  239.00
SECOND ORDER *Mary Helen Rodriguez, Arizona City, AZ  231.00 * SECOND ORDER
Laura Brown Robinson, Mesa, AZ  $217.00
Donna Hernandez, Chandler, AZ  171.00
SECOND ORDER * Sandra Romo, Mesa, AZ  162.00 * SECOND ORDER
* GOT 40% OFF - ON TIME + 100, PAID ON TIME!
Leah Griswold, Chandler, AZ  161.00


 51.00 - 149.00 Earnings 20%
Relda Quinn, Chandler, AZ  107.00
Jennifer Eichman, Mesa, AZ  90.00
Martha Sheffield, Las Vegas, NV  60.00

0-  50.00  - Earnings 0%
Casey Kuny 29.00

Several did not place an order
Call me to discuss how we can get you more sales and more customers - 
 let's get you some $$$$$
Thanks for staying in the game - always order books/samples
if you are not going to place an order.
Let's Add someone to your team!!!
You get 35.00 when she places her first order of 100.00 within ONE month of joining, on time and paid on time to a z e r o balance, then for every one of her first 4 consecutive orders, you will get an additional 10.00!!!!
Call me - we will hook it up!
480 262 3525
Join my team!

Watching this video, you will see that your Number 1 goal is to make President's Club.  That means, sell 10,000 in one year -from January 1 to the end of Campaign 26 in December.  We just got ANOTHER PRESIDENT'S CLUB MEMBER!!!!

Mary Sanford, Independent Avon Representative from Phoenix, AZ  $10,130

For Making PC before July ended, She got a watch and this lovely pull tote so she can walk around and toss books. 
  Mary has overcome a lot of obstacles and problems this year, from losing her sweet dog to old age, losing her banking job, to having her home flooded, losing all her family possessions in the flood, being replace in a hotel for 3 months while they repaired her home and got rid of the mold.  She made the decision to do this full time and really put her heart into it.

Seeing Mary's tenacity and determination, makes me want to try even harder.
So what can you do with this kind of inspiration? 

Now we all can make our goals for the year.  For the ones that have done over 575.00 so far this year, I have added them into the chart below.  You can see what your total sales are, then breaking it down you can scroll across and see how many 50.00 orders you need each week (not each campaign).  When you break it down, it sounds do able for sure!!!!

Name Sales to date Needed for PC Needed for Honor Society Campaigns to do this in weeks  break it down - sales needed per week  How many orders is that? Suggested Plan
Karen  Meyer  $   13,322.00  $                -    $        6,678.00 11 22  $       303.55 6, Do a garage sale and have Avon products there, do the office gift basket idea, get your name out there! With Social Media, fund raisers, order more books, ask karen for old books for free, make flyers and business cards
Mary Sanford  $   10,130.00  $                -    $        9,870.00 11 22  $       448.64 9
Shelley Pulve Warren  $     7,072.00  $  2,928.00 11 22  $       133.09 3
Donna Hernandez  $     4,122.00  $  5,878.00 11 22  $       267.18 5
Maria Lozano  $     3,324.00  $  6,676.00 11 22  $       303.45 6
Laura Brown  $     2,949.00  $  7,051.00 11 22  $       320.50 6
Relda Quinn  $     1,799.00  $  8,201.00 11 22  $       372.77 7
Martha Sheffield  $     1,288.00  $  8,712.00 11 22  $       396.00 8
Marisela Castro  $         589.00  $  9,411.00 11 22  $       427.77 9

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