Saturday, July 5, 2014

In just a few days an important announcement is coming from Avon!

Question - How do you Make Dreams Come True?

That is easy - I do it every day.  I give people the opportunity to work a plan to realize a goal they have set for themselves.  It is the most rewarding thing I can do in this world.  I don't just recruit people, I really help people make their Dreams come True!  

I will be at McDonalds Mesa Riverview
904 S Dobson - Mesa, AZ 85201
 Monday night, July 7, 2014 from 5-8pm. 

This is a great company!  They gave us the opportunity to earn a trip to Orlando Florida to attend the conference called, "Making Dreams Come True!".
We will know soon on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday who won the trip!!
There are other things - a tote bag, water bottle, ear phones and a coin pure, the event fees (199.00)
They will also pay for the hotel stay at the resort, and each winner will receive a 500 gift card to use for airfare or shopping!

What did we get to do to win this?  All we had to do was add 10 people to our unit in 6 weeks, 8 of them needed to put their order in by noon on our order day and pay before the next campaign submission date!  Then we needed to work with two members of our team and add 2 people to their unit, making them a Candidate for Unit Leader!

Did you win a  Kitchen Aid Mixer yet???

In campaign 14 and 15 (that is a period of one month), you just need to add 6 people to your team.
They have to place a 50.00 order before noon on the submission day in the contract campaign.  
They need to pay for the order before the next campaign submission date.

If you want this, cut out the picture and take it everywhere you go.  That will help you look for people who need extra money.  You can tell who they are, because EVERYONE needs money!

Remember what this logo means - Anytime, Anywhere, Always Ask

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