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Campaign 8 - Results for Our Unit, Our District 7291

Message from your Mentor

When I was in 4th grade, I noticed that all my friends took piano lessons and they were GOOD.  I started singing solos in 2nd grade and still do to this day, but I wanted to be as good on the piano as my friends.  However, I was not willing to put in the work to make it happen.  Instead, I told the piano teacher (I can't believe how impertinent I was...sorry Mr. Crane), that I was sure there was a way that I could learn to play as well as they did in say....two weeks.  He laughed and said, "Well, have you seen the Music Man?  There is the think method...that is, you tell yourself "I think I can, I know I can", and you keep practicing and before long you are doing it".  But I wanted results tomorrow.  He decided to teach me by octaves on the melody and bass/chord/chord, for the left hand.  I memorized chords, I read the right hand perfectly and yes, before one month, I was playing just as well, or so it seemed, as my friends.  With one exception....I couldn't play both hands together and read music.  I was trying to do something without applying any of the knowledge of professionsals that I had been associated with. does this apply to Avon?

We are given an outline for success.  You are told when you start how to

1.  get customers
2.  the value of having a 100.00 order or more
3.  how to place an order
4.  how to grow your team
5.   keep from paying the 5.95 fee all by yourself,
6.   how to save money by not ever having a late fee,
7.   how to never have 10.00 charges added to your account by paying your bill on time.
8.  You are given tips and hints of how to get more customers from this blog in fact,
9.   we also do videos, WEB TV,
10.  Avon University

So why aren't you making the type of money you want?  Is it because you are "winging it"?  Are you just doing your own thing and not following instructions?  Do you blame Avon when you aren't able to make your house or car payment?  Are you going to your meetings and putting in an honest effort?
You are trying to do something without applying any of the knowledge of professionals have imparted to you. 

I challenge you to call me and work out a plan for success.  Rule #1  - Never quit because you will never know what you might have achieved if you do.

Today is Friday - you should have called all your customers by now and told them about specials that are in the book that you know (from prior sales) would be something they love.  You should be calling businesses and asking the receptionist if she would like to earn a free 6.99 mascara by distributing avon books and taking orders.  You should be calling families and asking them to support your entrepreneurial efforts!

Love you all!

Karen Meyer

Happy Birthday to
Monica Leon

Casey Kuny just became a PROMOTER!
She brought her hairdresser onboard!
Welcome to Meyer's Make Up Mavens
Kallee Mott

So glad to have you aboard!

Our team winner!  The most sales in a two week period - Campaign #8
Mary Sanford, N Phoenix/Peoria $617.00
Mary Sanford continues to take the lead with another great order of 617.00.  When asked what her secrets were to getting good orders, she wanted you all to know so you could be doing the same:

1.  Clients love freebies, so each campaign, I include samples (1-2) in their bag of booklets

2.  Each person gets a free gift for selecting me to support their Avon needs. I try to give them something that goes with their order.
3.  I select 2 bags and give them my business card with the message "call me for your free gift".  This gives me the opportunity to talk to them.  I may bump it up to 5 bags with my card and free gift offer.
4.  Take advantage of all the What's New sample bundles.  And order those Anew samples when you see them for sale
5.  Customers love the special delivery.  I always bag them and hang them on the doorknobs, paying close attention to the no soliciting signs.

You don't have to go into debt getting the samples and buying the free gifts.  I just look to see what's on sale or priced low.  For example, the emery boards were recently .99.  I purchased a boatload to use as the free gifts.  

Hope that provided some ideas on how to boost your sales

as you stand proud of your accomplishments, take a glance of what Earnings % you WOULD have been in, had you stretched and hit your next HOT point!

1575.00+ - Earnings 50%
*Let's all shoot for this!!*
When you reach 65,000 per year, the David O McConnell Club, every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 50% discount for the entire year

925-1574.00 - Earnings 45%
When you reach Rose Circle 35,000 in one campaign yearly cycle - every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 45% discount for an ENTIRE year.

Karen Meyer - Scottsdale, AZ 85251 $1,250.00
Mary Sanford, Peoria, AZ 85308  $1251.00   #1 Super Star for #7

440 - 924.99 - Earnings 40%
President's Club winners get 40% all year long once they get to 10,000 in sales in a calendar year.
Mary Sanford, Peoria, AZ 85308  $617.00   #1 Super Star for #8
Laura Brown Robinson, Mesa, AZ 85210 $792.00 - Excellent work!!

Shelley A Warren - Shelbyville, Maryland $476.00
 - Shelley is our President's Club member and gets 40% for the whole year regardless of her sales size.  
295.00 - 439.99 - Earnings 35%
Relda Quinn, Chandler, AZ 377.00
Donna Hernandez - Chandler, AZ  302.00

150.00 - 294.99 - Earnings 30% -
Donna Hernandez - Chandler, AZ  302
Laura Brown Robinson, Mesa, AZ 85210 $233.00 
50.00 - 149.99  - Earnings 20%
20% just covers your shipping fee - let's get you some $$$$$
Relda Quinn, Chandler, AZ  128.00
Casey Kuny - Chandler, AZ 154.00
Maria Lozano = Ventura CA 107.00
Martha Sheffield, Las Vegas, NV  75.00
Marisela Castro - Scottsdale, AZ - 70.00
Barbara Beaudry - Illinois - $58.00
Monica Leon - Tempe, AZ  56.00
Marilyn Spinzl - Chandler, AZ  53.00

0-  50.00  - Earnings 0%
Lori Becker - Mesa, AZ  $45.00
Sylvia Rodriguez, Tucson - AZ,
Call me to discuss how we can get you more sales and more customers - 
 let's get you some $$$$$
Thanks for staying in the game - always order books/samples
if you are not going to place an order.

Results as of 4/12
Campaign Recognition
Top 10 in Sales Top Sales Increase Top 10 Recruits
1Jeanette Chamberlain$7,870
2Karen Meyer $7,190
3Jody Freed $6,422
4Angela K Mcghee $4,517
5Linda A Pio $4,477
6Linda M Scarpone $4,229
7Bernadette Shaw $3,708
8Cheryl Ardoin $3,599
9Virginia D Csader $3,271
1Karen Meyer $2,500
2Angela K Mcghee $2,253
3Virginia D Csader $1,319
4Carla Summers $1,261
5Donna G Hernandez $1,223
7Mrs Esther Nunez $859
8Velma Allabaugh $835
9Joyce White $738
10Joyce C Miller $698
1Karen Meyer 5
2Jeanette Chamberlain4
4Lori Acierto 2
5Angela K Mcghee 1
6Johanna Chamberlain 1
7Sydelle Cohen 1
8Norma Hanson 1
Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives
1Jeanette Chamberlain$7,870
2Karen Meyer $7,190
3Jody Freed $6,422
4Angela K Mcghee $4,517
5Linda A Pio $4,477
6Linda M Scarpone $4,229
7Bernadette Shaw $3,708
8Cheryl Ardoin $3,599
10Teri Morrison $2,912
1Karen Meyer $2,500
2Angela K Mcghee $2,253
3Jody Freed $557
4Bernadette Shaw $442
5Linda A Pio $382
6Mary Jo Batt $81
1Karen Meyer 5
2Jeanette Chamberlain4
3Angela K Mcghee 1
4Sydelle Cohen 1
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1Virginia D Csader $3,271
2Joyce White $2,721
4Velma Allabaugh $2,504
5Donna G Hernandez $2,415
6Amanada M Alexander $2,390
7Mrs Esther Nunez $2,088
8Suzan Price $2,018
9Laura Brown-robinson$1,944
10June Kinsley $1,860
1Virginia D Csader $1,319
2Carla Summers $1,261
3Donna G Hernandez $1,223
5Mrs Esther Nunez $859
6Velma Allabaugh $835
7Joyce White $738
8Joyce C Miller $698
10Rene V Basnett $617
2Lori Acierto 2
3Norma Hanson 1
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10) Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
1Johanna Chamberlain $1,334
2Shirley Huston $1,237
5Sylvia J Campos $1,179
6Karina Hern�ndez $1,049
7Charley A Rowland $761
9Robin-caml Dimarino $617
10Mary H Calderon $572
1Johanna Chamberlain 1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.

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