Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why should you go to Avon Conference in Las Vegas Aug 2-4, 2016

Shelley our DSM asked for my opinion and this is it.  The worst thing I ever said to a new rep when she winced a little and asked, "Do I have to go to a lot of meetings?"

I said, "No, not really.  We have a meeting once a month and we get together to go recruiting or to get new customers.  We are always available by phone, text, facebook".

But that isn't true.  There is something amazing about being in the mix of things.  You get excited when you see what others have achieved.  Your brain begins to figure out new ways to achieve your goals.

I hope you will take a moment to call me and touch base about your goals.

This is what I said in a Facebook message this week on the District site:

There's nothing more rewarding in business and life than the camaraderie between people who 1) want to be successful in business and family life, 2) have similar goals, 3) struggle to endure to the end trying to do what their mentor suggests, 4) make all the same mistakes you made and all the wise choices you are making now, and 5) who truly have your back in supporting your desires to give your children and significant other the riches, whether it be in material things, the promise of a higher education in their future or just time to be together.... because you are NOT in a crowded office cubicle in downtown Phoenix fighting with a punch card machine.

When 10,000 women and men come together from all levels of management next August they will laugh when Molly Stone-Bibb gets on stage and gives her no excuses talk, cry with the emotional success stories, and cheer others on who went from homeless to Avon Royalty because they did what was needed and had to be done to come out on top.

I've seen no jealousy at these events, only supportive loving people whom when you pass them, with a wink and a handshake you can both commiserate and buoy each other with exchanging ideas and tips.

In the past two times that I made the commitment to attend, I sometimes got my airfare, conference and room reimbursed after I committed and worked my tail off to make the necessary goals come to fruition. Committing was the best thing for my business. As I shared my enthusiasm with my wonderful customers and reps, they helped me by increasing my sales and the reps by doing their part to become a qualified new representative by doing their first 100 order on time and paid in time. The first year I made Honor Society by August and the next I made Rose circle by the end if November. This year I was Honor Society by November.

Step one is committing...step two is working with your leader or DSM to make it all come true...

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