Monday, January 11, 2016

January is almost over - Yikes! Have you seen your Vision of where you want to be?

What do I want to be when I grow up... as an Avon Rep?

I know that sounds silly but in the atmosphere of people saying, "Oh - what are goals?", "Why are we focusing on goals?"  "I have no idea of what goals are or how to plan them and achieve them".......let's visit that topic and you will see that you have been taught goals from the moment you were born.

Before you were even in kindergarten, you were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  You had an idea.  For me, it was a Mother, Teacher or Nurse.  Those were the only options for "girls" that were given to me.  Today, we give our girls the world's worth of options.  Here it is in a nut shell.... You can be whatever you want to be.

What does it take?
Practice every day, research, learning, planning, executing your ideas, and then doing it again the next day.  

When you have in your mind what your want for yourself, your family, your work-life balance, start asking yourself questions.

This works for Avon too.  4 years ago, I NEVER would have envisioned myself as a Rose Circle participant or Leader, or Gold Ambassador with 62 people on my team, or earning trips to National Events if my daughter hadn't encouraged me.....This is what was in my brain.

I started selling in 1992 - little tiny selling and a LOT of getting the discount and home delivery for me and my 5 kids needs.

In 2008 I started up again just for the discount and the ability to send gifts to grandkids for free shipping.  In 2012, my daughter who I signed up under me, started reading the Avon website - (actually reading - really? are we supposed to do that?)  She said, "What are you doing? - You could be making so much money and winning these trips.  All you have to do is teach people what you do and add them to your team."

She encouraged me to read the site more carefully in the President's Club section. 

WOW - but here is the negativity that 
was flourishing and had to be flushed from my brain.

"Who would buy from me?"
Who would want to do this from home?"
What if I lose friends by asking them to join?"

None of that happened.  
* * * * * * *


Why do I need a dream board?  First decide what title you want to have next December.  How many people do you want on your team?  What do you want to get for your family?  Where do you want to go?  

Get a magazine and start cutting out pictures.
I went to Google Images and started printing out images of 
what I wanted to do more of.
That year, I would see this on the wall and with faced with watching television, whether it be Lifetime, or depressing news, doing crafts during the day instead of during the evening during relaxing time, etc., I would make a choice to do something for my business.

  1. It might be call leads - people I have met, who need money.
  2. It might be stamping books and stapling a sample to the front.
  3. It might be, make a gift basket to drop off at a Doctor's office for a raffle.
  4. (One of the nurses gets the basket and you get all the little information slips of paper - 25 new customers in a day!)

Pretty soon, I started to excel and the more I did the more I wanted to help others.  I see this for you!  Let's help each other!

Call me to go through your list of 50 people that you know or run into during your daily routines.  Let's help people keep from looking old and help protect them from the Sun with our skincare products! We have so many things - there is something for everyone, but....

If you don't show the catalogs to people and ask
for their number, your success can't happen.

Call me today or visit my site to join my team or reinvigorate your career!
480 262 3525

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