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So, Thelma and I did the event, a craft fair at our local school.
I've done enough of these things to know you have to deeply discount the items from the catalog prices.  So once your business is up and you are enjoying a steady profit, start stocking up on little things that match your tags on your prize wheel.  

Where do I get a Prize Wheel?

Ebay has a lot - choose from 35.00 to 380.00 - seriously, mine was 35.00 and I only buy from Ebay when it is free shipping.   Search Ebay for Avon  Prize wheel STICKERS or make your own.

Learn more from Experienced Reps 
You can go to and search for some of the top people, like Emily Seagren, Milagros and Carlos Garcis, Molly Stone-Bibb, etc., I watched a video by Milagros and she said to take the items that you bought in large quanties and make little 5.00 baskets.  It may appear like you are losing money but you are going for volume and new customers.  As many of you know Milagros is a top achiever in Avon, who's annual income is in the 7 figures.  

Ok so I had product bundles of 12.00 worth of items for 5.00.  Another basket had   and 5.00 worth of items for 3.00.  I also had spa bundles of 35.00/ for 12.00
These were bundles left over from Mother's day that I wanted to cycle through my system.

This was our mistake!
We had the prize wheel in back and that was for people to spin if they did a 25.00 order or if they decided to become a rep they could spin it 2 times.

So many people kept coming up and saying they wanted to play the wheel game.  "How much is the prize wheel game.?"   I watched a little girl walk up and spin it and when another girl said, "No you have to buy 25.00 to play that game".....she walked away all dejected.  Suddenly a big Italian man, with a New Jersey accent came up and sternly said, "My daughter wants to play the wheel game!".  

Thelma and I looked at each other, looked at the game in the back of the table and she raced over while I was making a sign and clearing room for it.  "$3.00 please -  spin away".  That was the game changer for us.

We got this epiphany and decided to make it the focal point IN FRONT AS THEY APPROACHED.  3.00 you get to spin the wheel. " If you are a kid and land on boring tax free order, you get to spin it again."  We had lots of "cricut" cute signs already made up to showcase the sale items, but when we flipped one over and hand scrawled  "Spin the Wheel - $3.00".....everything flipped.  We met more wonderful people, made great friends, people stopped and looked more.   

Partner up with someone new -
Learn a new approach or technique to make friends.  This was my first time to work with Thelma and we really had a good time.  We split the fee of the booth and basket.

Take Aways
Only one entry in the raffle per person.  We forgot to say this.
Bring tape, scissors, - since I had some pins, we were ok for minor signage adjustments.
Raffle tickets - glad we got some at Smart and Final - good investment.

More 1-3.00 items next time

It's hard to know what to bring - I got a great cart at Harbor Freight but I think I need a BIGGER one, because I always bring too much...and not enough...

Definitely a few 10-15.00 items so that when they spin the wheel they really do have a chance for a tremendous savings if they win a 12.00 item for 3.00
From Thelma - If kids are involved, add a section for candy on the wheel.
From Thelma - have another jar of jelly beans or something they can pay to hazard a guess of how many are in the jar.  
What other games would keep them at the booth?  Let's add some ideas at the next meeting..  
From Thelma - "One thing I really stress out to new reps it to get out of their comfort zone and make a commitment to go out there at least 3 times a week and talk to people.

It was a good day!  Thelma learned a lot -  She got an order for 58.00 and sold an Elephant for 20.00 and some other things. so our combined gross was around 300.00 for a total of 3 hours.

I am staring at 190.00 in 3 hours.  Also I have 1 appointments for tomorrow and 1 for Thursday.  

good day!  Thelma learned a lot - she brought product but I had everything all set up because I didn't think she was going to sell - thought she was there to recruit.  She got an order for 58.00 and sold an Elephant for 20.00 and some other things. so our combined gross was around 300.00 for a total of 3 hours.

What should you do?
Call your District Manager and set up an Event Date.  She has a list of Libraries who would love to have us have a Breast Cancer Awareness/recruiting events weekly.  

Events are exciting, educational, exhausting and satisfying, but most of all, you get results.

Karen S. Meyer, Gold Ambassador; 
Rose Circle Recipient
Certified DSWA Elite Coach and Mentor,
Avon Independent Representative
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