Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Helping your Customers or YOU have a tremendous Grand Opening!

You have just opened your new business - how do you draw customers?


Get to know the other Vendors and enlist their help as they want new business as well.  Attend these events and have a table (booth) there with samples of what you do.

Get postcards and send them to families in your zip code.  I do this through Vista Print - creation and choose an area for them to mail - 500 is about 150.00 and they did all the work. Make sure you send one to yourself so that you know when your customers' get your post card.

PROPERTY MANAGMENT - Get them onboard
Talk to your Property Manager about drawing more business to your area.  He/She wants to keep the property filled and profitable.  Happy tenants mean money for him.  Discuss the opportunity of a Grand Opening for the whole strip mall so that everyone will put out a table in front of their store.  Ask if you need to get a permit to invite people to a fun fund raiser - sometimes it's just the enthusiastic Property Manager who will allow it.

When you decide the date - Take an ad in Coffee News
make sure to get free advertising - 
Write to and put in a free listing
Put out notices on Facebook
Put a page on your website all about the event and list the url in google and
other directories feeding google.  Make sure you mention the zipcode, free, and your city in each article

Mention your product, "In honor of my Avon Scottsdale grand opening, in Scottsdale 85251 - Please attend this free event....!"

Put a FREE ad in Craigs list for your area
Put a FREE ad in
Put a FREE ad in or events
Put a FREE ad in the School Newspaper
Put a FREE ad in
Put a FREE ad in
Put a FREE ad in - Events
Put a FREE ad in
Put a FREE ad in (or Scottsdale)
Put a FREE ad in
See if has a page in their magazine for free family events - or maybe their website.

Have a wonderful Event - hope you raise lots of awareness of your business, while helping the community with fundraising.

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