Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Avon lady sits on Santas knee at the Mall and says..l

  • Santa, I am not sure I can afford it, I just know I want ANEW....
  • Santa, knowing everyone looks to him as a mind reader...thinks, "A new what? - The real Santa would know, of course".....
  • He wisely turns to her and says, "Then give me your old "has been""....
  • She smiles and gets down and goes home.
  • She drags her husband out of his lazy boy and says, "Come on honey, let's go to the Mall"
  • Morale of the story - Women will do anything to look good!   But sometimes we only hear what we want to hear.  We want to look younger but the secret is that Men want to look younger too!  That is why the new ANEW with SPF 50 is going to be such a top seller.  Men are using it too!  It protects from Sun, Wind burn, Dry harsh Winter air, pollution side effects.  Just think about it for a minute.  If you want to burn a lettuce leaf, what must you do first - take out all the moisture.  So it makes sense that our delicate skin must always be hydrated, not just to keep from feeling dry, but that is our first defense against sunburn.
  • The gal in this joke wasn't sure that she could afford the ANEW products, but she can - everyone can at 40% off.  For a lifetime membership, it's only 10.00 then you get your Avon products which are made in the largest Research and Development Lab at 40% off.
  • I hope you will try this new amazing product.  After two surgeries this year for basal cell, I am kicking myself for not listening to my mother when I was a child and not using sun screen then when I was a young mother I should have used more moisturizer.  Now, at 60, after using the products for 20 years, I just don't have the wrinkles that other 60 year old women have but I do have the problems from the past which are starting to resurface.  I know 5 men who are using the ANEW products and seeing great effects.
  • Call me today and let's get you a sample! or come to my website and place an order.  If you want to enjoy 40% off - go to and enter my RESOURCE CODE:  kmeyer2352

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